Puncture resistant 


Belleville Boot Company was one of the original American boot makers selected to produce the iconic Vietnam jungle boot. Returning to those roots, Belleville introduces its new “Canopy” boot for operations in jungle and tropical climates.

The Canopy features significant upgrades in construction and materials compared to the older jungle boot; including a dual density rubber outsole which provides better shock absorption and a new Puncture Resistant textile insole that provides superior puncture protection at reduced weight and increased flexibility.

The Canopy retains the classic, non-loading Panama outsole…having long proved its worth in shedding mud and providing superior traction in jungle environments.

BV903PR / CANOPY Jungle Boot

$129.99 Belleville Public Cart
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UpperCattlehide Leather/Nylon
MidsoleDual Density Rubber
FootbedPuncture resistant textile board
OutsoleClassic “Panama”
Toe ProtectionSoft Toe
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Customer Boot Reviews
Tyler Durden      
The boots seem to be great. Great mud traction and comfortable. They are breaking in, but I can feel they are breaking in quickly. 2 days of wearing and they should be good to go. I replaced the shoe laces with paracord, so I don%u2019t know how good of quality the factory ones are. But they don%u2019t come with the stiff ones for speed laces.

Sizing issue:
I bought a pair of these and emailed Belleville about sizing. They sent me a printable sizing guide. So I printed it out and sized my feet with it. And the sizing guide told me I wear a size 12. (I wear size 12 in normal shoes, redwing work boots, etc also) but it said to cut the size back a 1/2 size for warm weather boots. So I did. WAY TOO SMALL I sold the pair to someone I knew that fit them and then ordered a 12w and that is a perfect fit. Frustrating because I would have to eat the shipping cost back to them even though I sized it according to their charts.
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