Composite Toe Waterproof 


From the street to the field, the Belleville Chrome TR998Z WP CT waterproof side-zip composite toe boot is designed to perform in numerous environments. Through the use of cutting edge “hot fusion” technology, the Exo-Skeletal frame makes this boot both extremely supportive and highly functional. In addition, the hybrid lace lock hook and ghilly lacing closure system provides a secure, customized fit and relieves pressure at the top of the foot for maximized comfort. Also equipped with an ASTM certified/EH rated composite toe and an exclusive slip-resisting StreetNav™ rubber outsole, the TR998Z WP CT will keep mobile and protected with every step.

Chrome TR998Z WP CT / Waterproof Side-Zip Composite Toe Boot

$164.99 Belleville Public Cart
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Height8” (Standard Military Height)
UpperLeather / Nylon
OutsoleTR StreetNav™ Rubber
LiningWaterproof/Bloodborne Pathogen Proof
Toe ProtectionComposite Toe
ZipperYKK Coil Zipper
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Customer Boot Reviews
Twelve years Corrections & I've tried all the known brands; Thorogood, Rocky, Bates, Under Armour, you name it Concrete & gravel just eat your feet. My buddy from patrol has worn Belleville's since his Iraq days & swears by them. He told me these were the most comfortable duty boots he's ever worn. So far I have to agree. Right out of the box I knew these were it. Normally, I have to immediately switch out the sole, but not this time. I LOVE the lacing system on these boots because I've developed pain on the top of my foot throughout the years wearing jungle style boots with traditional lacing systems. Specifically, in the talus, cuboid, navicular, & cuneiform bones. The way the lace secure on the Chromes does not aggravate my pain.

Today is my first tour wearing them & so far it feels like I'm wearing reinforced tennis shoes. I had my doubts about the composite toe, but I have to say these boots are incredibly lightweight & protective! Now I have to buy backup pairs because I'm never going back to UA or Bates again. Thank you, Belleville!
Stephen Laslo      
After a couple of years of intermittent use the lining in the toe area came unglued from the inside and started to wad against my toes up making them very uncomfortable. I like the side zip and water proof feature but will have to look at a different Belleville boot to replace these.
Tommy Ruyle      
I served in the USMC for 3 years and now over 32 yrs. in law enforcement. My daily boots were shot so I broke out my new " back up" boots a couple of days ago. They are a top, name brand, company know for all of their tactical wear. These are the first boots I had ever bought from them. The boots were horrible! My feet hurt all day and I just was not happy about my purchase. I always have a new pair of boots on reserve, so I ordered these boots. They came today, so I tried them on. These are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. They feel like sneakers. If they hold up as well as everyone says, these will be the boot I wear forever!
The only negative thing is that they are made in China. Anywhere else in the world, I wouldn't care, but after what has happen in the past couple of years, I don't care to buy anything from there! Outside of that, these are GREAT! My "other" new boots are going back in their box and these will be worn to work tomorrow. Thanks, Belleville Boot Co.
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