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Waterproof Composite Toe 


From the street to the field, the Belleville Chrome TR998Z WP CT waterproof side-zip composite toe boot is designed to perform in numerous environments. Through the use of cutting edge “hot fusion” technology, the Exo-Skeletal frame makes this boot both extremely supportive and highly functional. In addition, the hybrid lace lock hook and ghilly lacing closure system provides a secure, customized fit and relieves pressure at the top of the foot for maximized comfort. Also equipped with an ASTM certified/EH rated composite toe and an exclusive slip-resisting StreetNav™ rubber outsole, the TR998Z WP CT will keep mobile and protected with every step.

Chrome TR998Z WP CT / Waterproof Side-Zip Composite Toe Boot

$164.99 Belleville Public Cart
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Height8” (Standard Military Height)
UpperLeather / Nylon
OutsoleTR StreetNav™ Rubber
LiningWaterproof/Bloodborne Pathogen Proof
Toe ProtectionComposite Toe
ZipperYKK Coil Zipper
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Customer Boot Reviews
Stephen Laslo      
After a couple of years of intermittent use the lining in the toe area came unglued from the inside and started to wad against my toes up making them very uncomfortable. I like the side zip and water proof feature but will have to look at a different boot to replace these.
Tommy Ruyle      
I served in the USMC for 3 years and now over 32 yrs. in law enforcement. My daily boots were shot so I broke out my new " back up" boots a couple of days ago. They are a top, name brand, company know for all of their tactical wear. These are the first boots I had ever bought from them. The boots were horrible! My feet hurt all day and I just was not happy about my purchase. I always have a new pair of boots on reserve, so I ordered these boots. They came today, so I tried them on. These are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. They feel like sneakers. If they hold up as well as everyone says, these will be the boot I wear forever!
The only negative thing is that they are made in China. Anywhere else in the world, I wouldn't care, but after what has happen in the past couple of years, I don't care to buy anything from there! Outside of that, these are GREAT! My "other" new boots are going back in their box and these will be worn to work tomorrow. Thanks, Belleville Boot Co.
Skip H.      
This boot is by far the most comfortable work boot I have ever owned. I have a bone spur on the front of my heel bone in the arch and have had difficulties with other boots. The soft cushion sole in these boots has helped drastically in dealing with this injury. I do have a special insole made specifically for my injury and combining the two together has made my foot pain free!! I purchased my first pair of these boots in 2015 and still wear them today 020819!! My girlfriend slipped my boots on one day to step out into the carport and when she returned she said it felt as if she was walking on a cloud!! She could not believe how comfortable my work boots are!! This will be my go to boot, no need in trying to find anything better. I have no reason to look. Awesome boot!!!
Todd D      
this is the boot most of our EMS crew wear.
Tony Knowls      
this boot in now the same quality I have found in a true USA made Belleville Boot. The price is good but it didn,t hold up as well.
Have to be one of the most comfortable boots I've ever owned, even after a year of wearing them 5 days a week for at least 8 hours sometimes almost an entire 24 they are really comfortable. The only problem I noticed not sure if it was a defect in my pair or just this boot is after a month of wear like this I noticed I was getting water leaking through at the base of the tongue onto my toes which I unlaced the entire boot and saturated with silicone boot waterproofing and did several coats with no results as it still continued to seep water here which I just need to avoid puddles that come over the toe box is all, otherwise almost feels like a sneaker.
Joel Alesch      
I have a friend that owns a Work Boot Warehouse and over the past 30 years I have gone through combat boots, firemen boots, Danner boots, Bates, etc. A few years ago I got the Sage colored Air Force assault bot and really loved it. Then about 3 months ago we came upon this boot, (no composite toe though) and I believe this is my most favorite boot ever! It was instantly comfortable and looked really good. The insole is extra cushy and the platform feels solid. I am on my feet all day and I am always crawling around and moving. Scuffing and bending my feet all day. I still believe all leather boots stay firmer longer and wear way better. But as I get older, I love the comfort of a soft boot. They don't need to be broken in, I can run in them and don't get shin splints. I wear them with pants and go to dinner with my wife. They are awesome! I wish they could add either a steel or composite shank. Kick starting motorcycles of standing on an airplane foot rung all day is painful. Also I would like these in Sage or tan. I live in Los Angeles and my feet start to cook in black boots if I am working on a plane out on the ramp. My sage colored boots made a hugh difference. I also love that the zipper is a mid weight instead of the light weight one Bates uses. I can feel it is stronger and will not break or bind because it is too whimpy. I also think you could loose about 10 inches off of each lace. super recommend this boot!
George C.      
Awesome Boot. But the composite Toe didn't have the same toe clearance as the 800ST I had for 5 years. Bummer.
There is a total of 8 reviews.