Made in USA Special Offer Gore-Tex 3mThinsulate 


Heavily insulated with 600 grams of Thinsulate™, this all full-grain leather boot offers ultimate waterproof protection and superior slip resistance in icy conditions through the use of the Vibram® 360° FIRE & ICE™ outsole made of a special rubber compound that will not harden in cold temperatures.

775 / Insulated Waterproof Boot

$99.00 Belleville Public Cart
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Special Offer Boot Limited Size and Width Offered
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ColorDesert Tan
Height8” (Standard Military Height)
OutsoleVIBRAM® Sierra Fire & Ice
LiningGORE-TEX Waterproof lining
Insulation600g THINSULATE™
ManufacturingMade in USA - Berry Compliant
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Customer Boot Reviews
keith m      
in the past i have had my nose in the air about the quality of some companies whom supply gear to our soldiers.your company has given me a different son purchased a pair for me 5 years ago.i sprayed water repelant before i wore themi have put them to a test over 5 years done everything wearing them.after this time the only thing wrong with them is small cracks in material at the base of the laces.i'm highly impressed and will surely purchase yet another pair possibly 2 should i get a deal.material and endurance of such product is excelant indeed!!
Stacy Fadenrecht      
Best boots I've ever worn. Period.
Former JARHEAD      
These boots run true to size and feel very comfortable. I was issued a pair of black leather Belleville's in the Fleet Marines years ago so I decided to give them a try in desert. No disappointment here they feel great and I look forward to using them out on the range for inclement/cold weather days and on the mean streets of NYC. My main reason for this purchase was that these boots can be re-soled, gortex/waterproof,
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