Made in USA Gore-Tex Berry Compliant 


Utilizing advancements in premium comfort technology allowed us to make the Belleville 700 waterproof duty boot that is not only cushioned, but also protective. This tough tactical boot is constructed with a GORE-TEX waterproof bootie which not only allows your feet to stay warm, dry and comfortable but is also petroleum, oil and lubricant (POL) resistant for added protection.

700 / Waterproof Duty Boot

$224.99 Belleville Public Cart
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Height8” (Standard Military Height)
UpperCattlehide Leather
OutsoleVIBRAM® Sierra
LiningGORE-TEX Waterproof lining
Toe ProtectionSoft Toe
ManufacturingMade in USA - Berry Compliant
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Customer Boot Reviews
These have been the most comfortable boot I have ever worn, the EW fit is the best. I got a pair back in 2012 and a second pair in 2015 both pairs served me well in the Navy and well into Law enforcement. They are very hard get in Australia, but they are well worth the effort. Please never discontinue this boot.
Chad Pietsch      
My life changed as far as footwear goes when I was issued these in 1998 in the Marine corps. Ive never had a better boot on my feet. Ever. And Ive tried. I still have my first pair and they are still in decent shape 24 years later. Need resoled but still the most comfortable durable boot out there. I swam across a small river in Okinawa and took all my gear off and my socks were the only thing dry. Amazing footwear.
My current pair has been serving me well for over a decade working in the Australian bush. These boots are waterproof yet don't overheat my feet like previous boots have. That is an awesome combo.
If I had taken better care of them they wouldn't have cracked at the base of the big toe. Now sand has got in between the liner and the outer and added more weight. These boots lasted longer than my Scarpa hiking boots despite being worn far more often.
It's a decade later and they are the same price! I'll be ordering a pair for myself as well as a pair for my friend's eldest.
D Hall      
Please, do not discontinue this boot, ever! I got my first pair in the military, and now i wear them as a police officer. They are the best fitting, most comfortable, and longest lasting boots i can find. Plus, they%u2019re made in the USA and they aren%u2019t $400. I love these boots!
Found a pair in a motel room that fit perfect with tags still on them. Doing contract labor was used to ruining good boots in 6 months or less. These have lasted 3 years and through a good dog chewing. Still waterproof and comfortable. Amazing product to say the least. Belleville can expect my business.
Ed Fuller      
I got my first pair of these from the army surplus because I needed a good work boot (skilled labor). They lasted 8 years before the sole gave up the ghost. The second pair lasted 3 years but went through ten times the hell the first pair. I'm bout to order my 3rd pair and will continue buying them until I retire. 5 stars is not enough for these boots.
Adam Pilbeam      
I purchased the 700 after reading reviews about them, back in 2009. They finally gave up in 2017 with a crack across the sole. They were with me through hiking, daily wear at work. They were truly the most comfortable and rugged piece of footwear I've ever had!
kirk B.      
I have bought two pairs of these boots. Both pair after about 1 1/2 years the sole split from one side of the boot to the other. There is still tread left on the sole. I am disappointed.
I was given a pair of these boots by my father who was issued them in the Marines in 1997, it's 2018 and they're still going strong. Held up to being stored in a duffel in our attic for 10 years (a pair of jungle boots with them fell apart due to fry rot). After a conditioning and polishing they looked brand new. Extremely comfortable and tough as nails. Definitely the best combat boots I have ever worn!
Johnny Roach      
I've had this boot, or it's version since 1997 and it still rocks. I've deployed to every continent with exception of Antarctica and they performed flawlessly. Still water proof twenty years later.
Ben Piscopo      
These are simply the best combat boots that have ever been conceived or designed. I am NOT military or law enforcement-I am a medium skilled laborer. Using these boots I have ran 3.1 miles/5000 meters in 19:26. And, as for anyone who says that they don't look good with uniform service clothing simply does NOT really know what they are doing to make boot look better. If you don't believe me take a look at the boot photo on my facebook page. I have been wearing (and running) great distances in this same model and brand of boot since 1998 !
I was issued Belleville Boots in the USMC and loved them. They fit great, looked just as good, and lasted.
I ordered the 700, expecting the same. The fit is great, but the issue is the way they look. The boots are asymmetrical, being an Officer and not looking as sharp as I would expect is an issue.
J Mahoney      
Issued in the Marine Corps (0369), and have been using them since, on my second pair now and will get a third. Currently own a large track of land and these are what I use daily.
I wore this boot for 8 years before having to replace it. Boot itself is still going strong, but somehow water is getting between the boot and gortex liner. They are a little heavy, but I would expect that in a boot so well made.
Daniel B.      
Bought these boots for my military service,
feel great and very durable
a bit on the heavier side.
Kirk Brigance      
The soles lasted about a year and a half before they cracked at the ball joint.
Otherwise they have been good boots.
PA previous military      
I have had the same boots, same pair from when I joined the ARNG back in 2005. I have used them in the military, for the tree trimming service I worked for, through large creeks, in snow, mud pits. Mainly everything. Nothing has worn down and I have found the perfect boot to keep my feet dry, and perfect temp. Glad to see our country still making an awesome product.
Robert Burleson      
I was issued these as flight boots in the USAF. I currently work as a corrections officer and have been wearing these boots for four years on concrete and still have over half the tread. Best boots you can buy, PERIOD!! I will purchase the 700 again IF the first pair ever wears out. Thanks Belleville for a great American product!
I work on concrete 70% of the day and then outside for the rest. These boots are fantastic. I purchased several other brand name boots before I found these boots. My feet feel great and I feel good. Thank you for making a awesome boot. I was nervous about buying a boot I could not try on, but my feet hurt so bad I was willing to try, and I'm glad I did.
Please keep your boots American Made. You Rock!
Joseph Lloyd      
I was issued a pair of these during my military service and was impressed with them.

I continue to purchase these boots after my transition to civilian life. I am extremely hard on them and still find they usually last 2 years per pair. I've worn out other kinds boots in 3 months. These are worth the investment.

The "break in" time is very short. The runners sole makes a world of difference in how your feet feel at the end of the day. The Gore-Tex bootie makes slogging through the mud in my current work, oil field, almost pleasant.
Best boots I've owned. I wear these everyday for 14-16 hours. They are over 2 years old and still comfortable and waterproof. I used to buy bates and was lucky if they lasted 6 months. Its great to be able to buy a boot made in the USA that will last. When they do wear out I will definitely be buying another Belleville boot. Thanks for making a great american made product.
correctional sgt       
My first pair issued by USAF (tan). I later bought a pair for my civilian job at a large jail (Black). I have worn them for about 7 yrs now. The leather still in good shape and will hold a nice shine no cracks. The Gore-tex has held up well just now starting to fail. The bottoms are getting slick now so I'm going to replace them now (I will still use them for training). My Bellevilles have held up while some of the officers I work with have had to replace boots of lesser quality two or three times. I recommend this boot for my Law Enforcement and Corrections Brothers. I'm glad the are made in the USA.
Jersey Streicher      
I've been wearing these for the past 18 months, these were the only boots I wore in the city or countryside. I took them out to the mountains too.
They're super comfortable, and despite being relatively supple - still provide reasonable support for the ankle.

I wore them, until I wore the soles to the death.
My only disappointment was in the fact, that despite no "extreme use" I found after those 18 months that the soles in both boots had deep cracks (almost 50% of sole depth).
Excellent boots, they outperform Vasques and are more comfortable than Tevas. I put 7 to 9 miles on these every day in rugged terrain (Colorado) and I have yet to find a boot that is more comfortable
dan frycklund      
This will be my 4th pair bought in 7 years. Permanent leg damage forces me to wear them except to bed and in shower. Love the comfort, looks, and durability. Twelve hours on my feet is a breeze wearing these boots. Wish the sole was repairable.
J. alabar      
excellent boot , fit perfect,waterproof,good support,and the best thing they are made in the USA,THANK YOU..BELLEVILLE
There is a total of 26 reviews.