Made in USA USMC Flight Approved Steel Toe US Navy Flight Approved Safe to Fly  Berry Compliant 


Certified by the U.S. Navy for flight use, the chocolate brown 330 ST boot provides both comfort and functionality to support the special needs of Naval aviators.  Perfect for wet weather environments, the 330 ST has an all leather upper that resists water and a 100% rubber Vibram® Chevron outsole designed to minimize FOD and improve traction on wet surfaces.


330 ST / Wet Weather Steel Toe Flight Boot

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ColorAviatior Brown
Height8” (Standard Military Height)
UpperCattlehide Leather
OutsoleVIBRAM® Chevron (non-FOD)
LiningDri-lex® Moisture-wicking lining
Toe ProtectionSteel Toe
ManufacturingMade in USA - Berry Compliant
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Customer Boot Reviews
Zachary Scherfner      
Best Boots ever given or issued to me in the Navy. If your command is not issuing these to you, then fix yourself, cause this is the boot to strive for, black or brown. However this is the boot of the Chiefs Mess.
Robert Ridge      
Worn my boots for over a year without any complaints. They fit well and look even better with my flight suit.
Thanks Belleville
BUY THEM! I was issued my first pair in 2015 as flightcrew while serving. I've worn them as an EMT and Aircraft Mechanic in every weather condition to include the summer in the south. No, these boots don't get miserably hot. The lining is still in one piece and the outsole has years of life left. From wet and muddy conditions to the rough flightdeck of an aircraft carrier, they have held me up going on 8 YEARS of wearing them every single day. Im wearing them right now, and I haven't even taken care of them. They have been the best boots ever and I will swear by them. Also, you look damn good in Chocolate. Hell, I might buy a black pair just to New Boot Goof.
BUY THEM! I was issued my first pair in 2015 while in the service and I still wear them TO THIS DAY. I have them on right now. I've worn them as an EMT and Aircraft Mechanic on a daily basis and have yet to wear them out. The outsole tread is still there after years of use. They have been perfect in every single weather environment to include summer heat in the south. The lining is still intact and yet to have torn after almost 8 years of holding me up. I swear by these boots and everything about them. And, you look damn good in chocolate. Hell, I want a new pair just to stare at 'em.
I've been wearing mine on a daily basis for over three years and I have absolutely no complaints at all. The soles are pretty much worn down so I wanted to get a new pair, will go with the 339 ST a try.
Try getting wides, it makes wearing the steel toe more bearable. Please make these in soft toe.
I've owned a pair for over 3 years and continue to wear them on a daily basis. Most comfortable pair of boots I've owned.
This is my favorite pair of boots. As flightcrew, I received a lot of issued boots. These were the best by far. They were coveted by anyone lucky enough to get them. Four years after discharge, I still wear them regularly.
Louis Renteria      
Great boots, fit well and comfortable right out of the box. They dont last as long as I would like but Being a Marine Crew Chief im pretty hard on my gear. All in all a great boot.
Best boot period! I got my pair (still on my feet) back in 2004 while assigned to an aircraft carrier. These boots fit like a glove, are soft, and extremely comfortable. To this date, there is very little damage and I now work in a harsh desert climate. The sole is starting to show some wear, but I will replace them with the same make and model... period! No off the shelf boots for me.
There is a total of 10 reviews.