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Undoubedtly our most highly recognized boot, the Iconic Belleville 390 DES revolutionized military footwear when it was first introduced using the VANGUARD® premium cushioning sole system. This classic boot style was constructed to have more of an athletic feel through the utilization of advancements in premium comfort technology. While more suitable for hardcore field operations where durability is essential, the 390 DES is all boot and continues to prove that good things are really built to last.

390 DES / Hot Weather Combat Boot

$165.00 Belleville Public Cart
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ColorDesert Tan
Height8” (Standard Military Height)
UpperCattlehide Leather/Nylon
OutsoleVIBRAM® Sierra
Toe ProtectionSoft Toe
ManufacturingMade in USA - Berry Compliant
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Customer Boot Reviews
Overall every happy with the boots. I have had them for about a week and the only "issue" is that they run closer to 1.5 bigger. So make sure that you factor that in when ordering.
Joe Taylor      
This is one of the best boots for the money. I bought a pair during a recent deployment and they were great.
Randell Mullally      
Here is a letter i wrote Belleville a few years ago. im still wearing those boots, its been 12 years.
Dear Belleville, I was issued my Belleville 390des when I was 18 years old.
Fresh in the force, and I didn't like any of my other boots because my feet got too hot and smelled and they were uncomfortable.
So I just wore the one pair of 390s as often as tan was in style and suffered my Cochrans when I had to.
That was 9 years ago and I wore those boots all the time. Sure I wore out some sneakers in the years between but my 390s were all the boot I needed.
I worked in them I played in them I slept in them a few times and I loved them. I haven't bought a boot for myself in all that time but today they finally cracked.
The sole is smooth and I have re stitched the seams twice on the upper. So when I heard that awful squeak that lets you know the soles are coming apart I relented and I am buying new boots.
I am ordering a pair of 390s in 11 wide right now on your site. I found them cheaper on amazon and patriot but you deserve the respect that I feel I am showing by ordering them direct.
Thank you for making my feet happy all those years and I look forward to seeing my new boots soon.
Your faithful customer,
Rendell Mullally Jr.
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