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Utilizing advancements in premium comfort technology allowed us to make this basic hot weather boot like your favorite running shoe. With an upper constructed of durable full grain cowhide leather and abrasion resistant 1000 Denier nylon, the 600 is not only tough but highly breathable too.

600 / Hot Weather Combat Boot

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Special Offer Boot Limited Size and Width Offered
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ColorSage Green
Height8” (Standard Military Height)
UpperCattlehide Leather/Nylon
OutsoleVIBRAM® Sierra
ManufacturingMade in USA - Berry Compliant
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Customer Boot Reviews
Ron James      
Well made boot. But, just doesn't seem to fit the same as in the past. I ordered down a size as usual, and even ordered a narrow width for my slightly narrow foot. I'm wearing thick socks, and have the boots cinched about as tight as I can get them, and I still notice heel slippage. Don't really want to go down another half size, for the loss of toe room. Guess I'll try another Belleville boot brand.
I was looking for a modern "jungle" boot, and this one fit the bill since it had the drain vents I need to hike through water and not get blisters. The morning after they arrived, I changed out the insoles with the Spencos I always use, put them on, and went out for about a ten-mile hike. This included trail-running and walking through water - all with ZERO blisters or troubles at all! I have since hiked into water over my knees in these and they dispel the water and have never given me blisters. I love them! Mine are Narrows, and I don't regret it. Thank you, Belleville, for making a boot that fills the role of the old "jungle" boot!
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