AR 670-1  AFI 36-2903 Compliant 


A true zero drop minimalist boot, the MINI-MiL® is designed specifically for the conditioned warrior athlete currently training in minimalistic athletic footwear. This quick-drying unlined boot is not only highly breathable, but lightweight too - weighing less than 2 lbs a pair.

Mini-Mil TR105 / Minimalist Training Boot

$164.99 Belleville Public Cart
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ColorCoyote Brown
Height8” (Standard Military Height)
UpperCattlehide Leather/Nylon
OutsoleExclusive VIBRAM® Tarsus
Toe ProtectionSoft Toe
Weight16 oz per half pair
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Customer Boot Reviews
Love these boots, have been wearing them for a couple years and they still have alot Of life left, I will likely opt to repair them when the time comes. I have used these for everything from garrison work, running, rucking, field time(infantry) you name it. Pros are fast drying, light weight, barefoot benefits, easy to clean (mine still look nearly brand new). Cons heel cup fell apart, no problem fixed in 45 minutes with a knife and some shoe goo, the sole is not stitched to the boot so I definitely think it could come unglued while out on patrol (keep that shoe goo and duck tape in your ruck).
I treated them with scotch guard when I got them, helps them stay clean.
Only other issue I had was with rucking on coarse gravel I got sore feeties, no issues at all rucking in the bush and rocky Canadian Shield up to 100 lbs.
Got rock guard plastic insoles plus thin little foam booster insoles for if it looks really gravelly out
10/10 would buy again and recommend

Please stitch the soles and ditch the heel cups for the next version!!!!
Donnie Seamore      
The reviews are spot on for this boot. Fit and comfort are perfect for my day job and looks help when off duty with my jeans.
Deb C      
I wear a women's size 9, and I initially ordered this in a 7.5W. It was a little too short, so I exchanged it for an 8W. I ordered directly from this site, the shipping was fast and the exchange was relatively simple. I love this boot. The toe box is so roomy, my feet don't feel cramped at all. Like others state, the heel cup is VERY uncomfortable. After 2 days trying to break it in, my heels were hurting so bad it was excruciating to walk. I ended up rolling the top of the heel cup for a few minutes pinched tightly between my fingers, and that helped a lot. I don't even notice the heel cup anymore. Now that that is resolved, this is my favorite boot I've ever worn.
I love the boots. The best boots I ever bought. I hope they could make the toe box wider. It would be the perfect boot.
Tom Yale      
Exceptional boot for those with EMT jobs. Got mine while at sales outlet just outside the base and love the fit, comfort and ability to wear for 12 hours without any discomfort. The price on the Belleville website is better than what I paid but that is ok.
Walker Moore      
Best boots ever. Wish I had known about this company years ago. Worn issue boots for years, boon dockers, and jungle boots while in the navy a lifetime ago. Wore moccasins for many years after that when possible. A few years ago I started having lower back problems and started looking into barefoot shoes. These boots are the best of both worlds, a "combat moccasin ". This will be the last boot I will ever wear. Break in took about a week. Even the spot on the heel, where the upper reinforcement joins the heel. That's the spot most reviewers have problems with. For me I'm very pleased with this product and will be ordering a couple more pairs in the very near future. Give another review once this pair wears out.
great boot but would like if you would get rid of the heel cup
5 Stars Love a boot with NO lining since I wear wool socks year round.
Very comfortable and lightweight.
Benjamin Richard      
I am on my 4th pair and I love them. Sizing is really off a bit for me. I normally wear a size 12 Belleville but have to go up to a 13 for these. I do wish that had a 12.5 but oh well. I wear these boots out in about 8-9 months but I am HARD on them. I wear these for work, mountain rescue, hiking, mountain biking, and dirt biking and believe they are comfortable like wearing a pair of moccasins.
These boots are amazing. I have had them for just over a year now. I am a traditional reservist and have worn them to many trainings, exercises and activities. They are durable, comfortable and the fit is perfect. I generally wear a minimalist shoe on the civilian side, so having an option within regs for my military requirements is perfect. Great boot and I will be buying another pair soon!
Patricia Irick      
Second set of mini-mils wore out in 8 months. Shoe laces are still functional. It costs me about 85 cents a day to wear them. Probably worth it.
Patricia Irick      
I was used to my no-drop snowboots so there was no painful breaking in. I wore the coyote mini-mils for about a year. I swear the right boot is smaller. The toes are not as wide of a box as I would like. The shoe laces outlasted the boots.
But I love them. This time I am ordering the black ones as I think the slick leather will stand up better to a life with horses.
Getting ready to but my 4th pair. Didn't take me long to get used to them%u201D but I don't spent much time on the couch and wear a variety of footwear. Guess my feet were strong already or some people have weak feet. Who knows. I love them... my go to for everything and lighter than sneakers if you own those. I run in these.
Ben Richard      
These boot are close to perfect. Its unfortunate that it seems Belleville is deciding to ignore the hundreds of reviews about the heel cup and odd sizing. Anyhow, the short of it is I'm on my 4th pair. I use these at work, for hiking, and for Search and rescue. I wish the sizing wasn't so weird but I make due cause there isn't anything out there that's better for me. The main issue for me is that to get a boot that fits foot-bed wise i have to go all the way up to a 13W but then that make the overall volume of them boot almost to much. I like my laces tight and I cant tighten these as much as I like.
As with everyone else, I found the heel cup took some break in on my first pair. Moleskin on my heel/Achilles protected me for the week it took to get past that. I really like them, so I bought a second pair to alternate wearing them, to extend the durability since they are every day wear for me. Interestingly, I am not experiencing the same heel pain/break-in issue with second pair.

One thing that did startle me was the tag states that they are made in China. They have the Tactical Research logo and info, so I was expecting they would be Made in USA like all my previous Belleville boots. We will see how they hold up for the long run. I have had the first pair for a month and half (fully broken in) and pair #2 for 5 days. My USA made Bellevilles have always held up really well, so.
On my second set, for day to day use, not active just a Navy vet that got used to boots. Break In is, as stated horrible, and that's comming from someone who never complained about the standard issue NWU or utility boots while everyone else around me did. My first pair lasted about a year, seams at the toe bend goon and the heal area coming apart internally. Atleast six months into my current pair and no indications of those yet, but one big problem I'm having is grommets wearing to sharp edges that have been cutting through the laces. Looking back my other pair was doing similar. I do tie them pretty tight. Would love to see that hardened up. I do still recomend
Sara Hoerichs      
I've been wearing these boots for about 8 months now. I love them. The break-in period was brutal. I wore moleskin where the heel cup/ankle support rubbed my Achilles tendon for about 3 weeks. After that though, they're incredible. I don't have to lace them tight to keep them secure on my feet and they're super light and flexible. If the Air Force goes through with their proposed uniform change I'll be back to buy a tan version!
Doug Bledsoe      
Buyer beware of quality control issues.

I'm a longtime wearer of minimalist footwear for athletic and daily activities. My go-to shoes have always been VFFs and Merrell Trail Gloves, so the opportunity to use duty boots that had the same features was a huge plus for me. I initially purchased both the TR101 (tan, now discontinued) and TR102 (black), as I have two different duty uniform requirements. Following is my review after over a full year of use.

First, the good. The design of the Vibram sole is very similar to what you'd have on a beefed-up pair of Merrell Trail Gloves or Altras, so the feel is very similar and comfortable for someone who is accustomed to no heel/toe drop. No complaints there at all. The fit is comparable to a trail runner, and maybe a little small as far as boots go (I wear a 10.5 in Merrells and NBs, and a 10.0 in 5.11 duty boots, and the 10.5 MiniMil was spot on). I like standing flat, and feeling interface with the ground, and these absolutely accomplished both of those things. The Vibram sole provides a trail-runner-like grip and stability that I haven't had with "taller" soles on duty boots. The boots have held up remarkably well; I'm especially impressed with the wear, or lack thereof, on the soles, as they've been used almost exclusively on concrete and rocky terrain.

Now, the bad. As noted in another review, the boot design has a very high heel cup that seems to end in a really odd place. In addition to this, there is a thick section of webbing that interfaces with a leather piece (I'm not sure if it's cosmetic or reinforcing/structural) and crosses directly over the medial malleolus (ankle bone on inside of leg). Even after a year, I can still feel this. I've laced them tightly, laced them loosely, and it's still there, even through boot socks. It's tolerable, but can get to be bothersome when I pay attention to it.

It gets worse, though. I received the TR102 (black) first, and they were fine. Fit and finish was as expected. I scoured the internet to find and purchase the the TR101 (tan) on closeout from an online retailer as it was being discontinued, because I couldn't use coyote for the application. When the TR101 arrived, the right boot was 3/8 shorter than the left, causing a noticeable difference in fit in the toe box. Both boots are labeled 10.5, but the right fits very much like a 10.0. I immediately contacted Belleville, and was told that, since the boot was being discontinued, there was nothing that could be done to resolve the situation. Such an oversight in quality control, and then dismissal of said oversight, is absolutely unacceptable for a manufacturer of higher-end duty apparel.

The boots perform well, and could be absolutely perfect with a few minor design adjustments. But quality control and customer service is important, and is apparently lacking with this product.
I want to love these boots, 1.5 weeks in we'll see if they ever break in. The heel cup is SUPER high, it goes way above my heel, digging into my leg with I stand on my toes (like walking up stairs). The sizing seems to be close to normal shoes (Belleville tends to run small, and they recommend to get a size up!?!? I wear size 12 in all my other footwear, these 12's are definitely big, I have the laces tighten so both sides are actually touching, and they are still a little loose; my heel slips a little when I walk. So I'd recommend a half size down from normal (too late to return mine to confirm). It seems like they wanted the top of the foot area to be the same as all their super thick soled boots, except the sole is thin here, resulting in too much room vertically, and no way to tighten it down without sacrificing length (i.e. a smaller size). Otherwise, the 2mm drop is awesome, the sole is super flexible, they are extremely lightweight, and my feet love them. I will get a pair for my other uniforms (green not coyote) and try 11.5's, hoping for the best.
I was afraid that they were too small when I received them, but they have broken in very well. Changed inserts for spencos as usual, and had to re-lace to take the pressure off achilles tendon. Now they feel like part of my foot. The modern moccasin. I still prefer the upper design of my 551's. The 551's also have two more speedlace rivets which make on and off easier.
Ed Donaldson      
These are the boots of boots. First time out of the box the fix was perfect and the feel was like wearing a soft glove on my feet to protect from the elements. I would recommend this boot to any individual in the law enforcement field.
These are real light boots. Good grip, although the ankle support really digs into the Achilles tendon.
Henry hill      
Have used Belleville boots for years and find them to be quality footwear
Sam Holland      
Have used Belleville boots for day to day activities with ems and find them as comfortable as my Nike runners.
There is a total of 24 reviews.