Berry Compliant Made in USA 


Designed after Belleville’s most highly recognized and iconic 390 boot pattern, the Belleville 390 TROP is a hot weather boot that is built to last. With an upper constructed of durable full-grain cowhide leather and abrasion resistant nylon and a full rubber VIBRAM® Siera outsole, the 390 TROP is not only tough but highly breathable too.

390 TROP / Hot Weather Combat Boot

$169.99 Belleville Public Cart
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Height8” (Standard Military Height)
UpperCattlehide Leather/Nylon
OutsoleVIBRAM® Sierra
Toe ProtectionSoft Toe
ManufacturingMade in USA - Berry Compliant
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Customer Boot Reviews
Ordered my 390 TROP / Hot Weather Boots on 5/9 and received them 5/11. That was impressive. I usually wear a size 9W, but I ordered these in 8 1/2 W, and they fit nicely. A bit roomy still, but I like to wear thick socks. The boots required no break in period - they were comfortable right out of the box. Walking, I could feel the breeze flowing through them. Definitely a warm weather boot. They're lightweight and look good, especially with faded blue jeans.
Belleville is known for their durable boots, so I am confident that they will last a good long while.
I have these and the IDF boots that are made by Belleville (which are a modified version of these) and I cannot give a stronger recommendation of them. Neither set required any breaking in and they are extremely comfortable for a woman with wide feet. There is a reason that all Israeli soldiers try to get the American boots (The Belleville ones, not the McCrae ones) and that is simply that Belleville makes the best boots. My friends have commented on how nice they look and I have to agree. I also like that I know they are being made in a country that is such a strong ally of ours. Customer service was extremely helpful in getting me my size (5.5mens which was not listed on the website) and shipping them to me.
Not sure if I will need to replace my boots but if I do I will definitely be buying from Belleville again.
SPC LP      
The desert issue lasted me through a deployment, construction and ranch work. After 10 solid years, the back of the soil ripped after weeks of digging Full-Time with a shovel for weeks! I can spot this boot from a mile away! It's the only boot I will wear!
I wear them 5 days a week. Best duty boots that I've worn in 10 years of LE. They took a few weeks to fully break in, but I never got blisters or hot spots. I went 1/2 size down so that I could wear with thinner socks for hot weather or slightly thicker socks for cool/fall dry weather. Highly recommended.
Scott in FL      
I bought 10 pairs of these boots years ago because I was afraid would go out of happy to see still making! Will be calling soon to get more!

Easy on and easy off.

Wear them because great support for my bum lower leg.

Light and effortless to wear. Have kept on for days at a time.

Made in America!

Thank you Belleville!
Vidal Rodriguez      
Excellent boots, very comfortable resistant. It feels like a running shoe. They are lightweight and protect the knees and spine at every step because they have very good cushioning.
Dennis Ross      
Nice boot, lightweight, however this model boot does not have a pull up strap on the back of the boot. Had I known this I would have opted for a different model boot. Super fast shipping.
Jack Huang      
First of all, when I ordered my pair, I didn't expect the shoes to arrive in just 2 days I am extremely impressed with that fast of a order. These shoes are the best I have ever worn. They are very light and durable and very comfortable. I recommend this to anyone.
Thanks again, Belleville, for returning this fantastic boot to your lineup. I wore these for years in BDUs. When I switched to public safety, I continued to wear the 390 Trop black. I replaced them off the surplus market when needed. The surplus market pretty much dried up lately.
The new version has a bit more midsole than the older ones. They are comfortable out of the box, and even more so when broken in.
The new boots are metal detector friendly, my last pair of surplus 390s were not.
I wear exactly one size down from my Brannock measurement.
Issued the 390 DES in 2005. Wore them every day for years deployment.
Very impressive boot!
I now own a pair of C390's and will Copy-My-Last.
IMO, the 390 line-up is the most trusted and comfortable boot I've ever worn. They are reliable, built for punishment, and you just can't kill'em.
When they released a 390 in black for 2016, I had try.
Outside of being smooth black leather, and seemingly lighter in weight, they replicate the C390 and 390DES by way of comfort, design and feel.
Tho the leather shades dull from the factory.w/spit and Parade Gloss, they shine up nicely.
If you know your size in Belleville, you can't go wrong w/this boot.
It is just as outstanding as its predecessors and G2G straight out of the box.
390 TROP in Black Leather complete's this iconic line-up.
5 STARS & may they always make these boots!
There is a total of 10 reviews.