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The Belleville Transition boot features improved cushioning and shock mitigating materials for protection underfoot. Made from durable cattlehide leather and using an exclusive Vibram® rubber outsole design, the Transition is field and range ready.


TRANSITION TR511 / Hot Weather Transition Boot

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Special Offer Boot Limited Size and Width Offered
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Height8” (Standard Military Height)
Upper100% cattlehide leather & nylon fabric
OutsoleExclusive VIBRAM® Tarsus
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Customer Boot Reviews
K. Simonson      
I have had numerous pairs of these TR511s over the last five years.

I use them for timed/competitive "Ruck-Runs." They do not have the bottom grip that may be helpful climbing a rope, but other than that you have a beautiful balance of minimal support combined with sensitivity to what is under-foot. Great for obstacles and fine motor movements of the feet--it feels as if you aren't even wearing them!--and especially long-distance runs or ruck-marches (so long as your feet/legs are prepared for it). These always gave me a distinct edge over others, hands down

My only possible critique is that the break-in can be rough on the Achilles, however, it was quite manageable to break-in if you take care for a week and is on-par with similar models/brands. Durability is about 1-2 years, depending on how often you use them and the distances, which I consider great for how minimal these are. Overall, they are well-put-together; nothing materially falls apart (like similar Nike models) --I am down to the inner-Vibram sole on my third pair and still nothing has unstitched or broken open for any of them. The same cannot be said for two Nike pairs of similar design.

I hope the TR511s or a similar-design are brought back into circulation as soon as possible.
J. Gomez      
Best boots ever! I've been wearing these and the zero drop ones for years. Alternating to these transition for the winter for the slightly raised platform in the rain. These are the most comfortable light-weight boots. As light as Nike's, but much more durable! These can handle any ruk and they are a breeze to run in. Now that they are discontinued, I had to pay twice MSRP on eBay for a size 12, but well worth it. I really hope they bring this back or revamp for the mini-Mil lineup.
Dennis J. Quigley      
I have been wearing these as a light duty dry weather boot for about 2 years, I love these boots.

I came in to buy more and learned they have been discontinued which is a shame. These are a great light hiking/general wear boot which is as comfortable as bedroom slippers after the well-known brief [aboutaweek] break-in [heel chafing discomfort] period.

I hope a very similar new boot and sole shows up in the lineup.
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