AR 670-1  AFI 36-2903 Compliant 


From rocky mountainous terrain to hard pounding concrete roads, the Khyber TR550 will outperform when tested in any environment. This hot weather mountain hybrid boot was specifically designed for all-terrain use. With great design, comfort and durability features, such as its lace-to-toe lacing system for a customized fit; TR-1 premium load bearing orthotic insole; and the exclusive Vibram® "IBEX"outsole with sharp angled lugs and defined heel to maximize traction, the TR550 is a top choice for everyday use.


KHYBER TR550 / Hot Weather Multi-terrain Boot

$164.99 Belleville Public Cart
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ColorCoyote Brown
Height8” (Standard Military Height)
UpperCattlehide Leather/Nylon
FootbedTR-1® Load-bearing Orthotic
OutsoleExclusive VIBRAM® Ibex
LiningMoisture-wicking lining
Toe ProtectionSoft Toe
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Khyber with insole

Customer Boot Reviews
Joan s       
Belleville boots are the best for the money ... I have worn them for several years and will continue to wear them on and off garrison.
Rob Hirsch      
I do HVAC in florida. My feet feel great in these boots.
Keegan Clark      
These are amazing boots. I just purchased my third pair of the khyber boot series, gen 1 in tan, gen 2 in tan and now gen 2 in coyote.They are very comfy for field and daily use in Washington state. I highly suggest these boots. I Definitely perfer the Gen 1 khybers over the newer gen 2 boots though. I have found that each pair of boots I have owned lasts almost exactly 1 year before the fall apart.
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