Made in USA AR 670-1  AFI 36-2903 Compliant 


Designed with the idea that lightweight is not just a feature but a requirement, at 20 oz per half pair, the Belleville C320 is one of the lightest Berry Compliant boots on the market. This mission ready boot is built on an athletic strobel-stitch construction that combines a UL235 ULTRA-LITE® highly cushioned midsole and an exclusive VIBRAM® "Incisor" outsole to provide you with a lightweight boot that also offers stability, comfort, and confidence no matter the terrain.

FLYWEIGHT™ C320 / Ultra Light Assault Boot

$196.99 Belleville Public Cart
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ColorCoyote Brown
Height8” (Standard Military Height)
UpperCattlehide Leather/Nylon
OutsoleExclusive VIBRAM® Incisor
Toe ProtectionSoft Toe
ManufacturingMade in USA - Berry Compliant
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Customer Boot Reviews
Rick Beasley      
I was an 11C for 4 years. Got out in 2019. I bought these boots in 2017 at the "U.S. Patriot" store directly across the street from gate 4 at Fort Campbell. I still wear the very same pair after 6 years, and I have no reason to stop wearing them yet.

DURABILITY: I'm extremely impressed at how good the stitching is that holds the boot together. Very minimal fraying. If a thread comes lose, I grab my lighter and burn it off and it never becomes a problem. There are no tears or holes in the material. The soles are in good shape and still keep me from slipping on oil slicks on smooth warehouse floors, which I encounter regularly in my civilian life. The toe of the boot is perfectly held together and hasn't begun to split open, like many of my past boots used to do. I'm very rough on the back of the soles when I take the boots off. Despite me prying down on the back of the boot with my other foot every time I take the boot off, there is absolutely no play between the back of the sole and the hide section of the boot. I wore the Oakley boots before these. They started to tear up within the first year and these are what replaced them for me.
It's remarkable how durable and dependable these boots are. Keep in mind I have spent up to 2,000 days in this very pair of boots. They've seen so much use that the leather over the front of the boots are worn smooth and feel like my wallet or my belt.
Comfort: I keep these laced tight to support my ankles and they do a great job at that. I've done many 12 mile ruck marches in them. You'll never be comfortable on a 12 mile, but these wont chafe you and you wont roll your ankle. The soles are very comfortable and do a good job distributing my weight across the entire area of my foot, instead of having most of my weight on just my heels. I also recommend you break these in with the factory insole before you try anything else. To me it works great.

Overall, this is the best boot I've ever worn. I hope the next pair I buy from Belleville are exactly like these. I am so confident in this 6 year old pair of boots that they are the only pair of boots I own. Do yourself a favor and stop buying cheap stuff that lasts a year and invest in a pair of boots that will last you for 5 or more years. You'll save money and you'll be more comfortable.
Fred Ganous      
I have been in the Army 28 years. I suffer from plantar issues in my feet. I was told about these boots and absolutely love them. They need no break in and do not rub my feet in any way. I would highly recommend them to anyone suffering from feet issues. I purchased these at the clothing sales.
Elijah Bruce      
I have purchased two pairs of these in the past 5 years. They are the only pair of boots I have found that have the ankle support, the comfort, and are lightweight enough for my lifestyle. The first pair I got was from a px in Fort Leonardwood army base. They lasted about four years before the front of the boots were split at the stitching on the toes. I bought the same pair after looking it up online after the first were too worn to use. I wanted the same pair because four years of constant military wear and tear as a 12 bravo is extremely impressive. The second pair arrived and I used them in the same way and they only lasted about 8 months before splitting at the toe again and the stitching coming undone. They are the same model but one lasted significantly less time. My assumption is that the ones I bought at the military post were manufactured with more care and better materials. I am now coming back to order the same pair online again. I don't want to have to shop around because the ones I bought five years ago are perfect and if I can get another 4 years out of this pair I will be a repeat customer for life. I love everything about the boots but if I have one weak point to acknowledge about it would be the stitching in the front. Keeping it a 5 star review and can't wait to get my third pair in the mail!
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