Made in USA USMC Certified Gore-Tex Berry Compliant 


The Belleville 500 U.S. Marine Corps Certified waterproof boot proudly displays the EGA emblem and is as tough as the Marines who wear it. Built on the VANGUARD® premium cushioning sole system platform with an upper made of only the finest quality full-grain cowhide leather and a GORE-TEX waterproof lining, the 500 will provide your feet with ultimate support, protection and comfort.

500 / USMC Waterproof Combat Boot (EGA)

$226.99 Belleville Public Cart
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ColorCoyote Brown
UpperCattlehide Leather/Nylon
OutsoleVIBRAMĀ® Sierra
LiningGORE-TEX Waterproof lining
Toe ProtectionSoft Toe
ManufacturingMade in USA - Berry Compliant
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Customer Boot Reviews
I purchased these boots at the Camp Lejeune MCX back in late 2017 and this was my third set of Belleville 500 Temperate Weather boots, first set I had where Size 9R in 2015 (I wear 10.5R running shoes) and they fit perfectly like my Steel Toe Belleville 300 DES boots (purchased in 2012), the second set was size 9R (2016) and where too small and too narrow for some reason, this current set was a Size 10R and the fit was like my first set of boots much like the ones I had in 2012 I'm guessing the sizing changed over the years so the boots now match regular shoe sizes.

The lifespan of the boots has been fantastic and I have had no complaints in terms of the waterproofing and durability. The only thing keeping the boots from being perfect has been the long break in period which was almost a whole year even with all of the running and rucking during the last year and a half I had left in my enlistment.

Even with those issues I had with these, Belleville has and will always be my first choice for service and work boots and I look forward to seeing what Belleville has to offer the US Military in the future.
I was one of the last platoons issued the black jungle boots then they started issuing these, so I bought a pair in 2003. I was AD for a year, then reserves for 5 years, but I wore these everywhere. Daily wear, hunting, etc. I am just now buying my second pair!
Sgt Huynh       
I chose this boot out of all the listed temperate weather boots authorized for wear by MARADMIN 117/16; Belleville 500, McRae 8286, and Danner's Marine, Rugged All Terrain (RAT) and Marine Expeditionary Boots (M.E.B).

Fit: On a Brannock Device I'm an 8 Regular, in these I'm 7.5 Regular.

Waterproof function works, I tested by submersion.
Comfort is good, only bested by Danner's RAT and M.E.B. for temperate weather boots.
Traction is good, much better than anything with a 360 DRI ICE outsole (McRae 8286, Danner's RAT and M.E.B) (Although some of McRae's 8286's use Sierra outsole instead).
To me, they look better than the other options, all the others have a mud brown nylon liner, the 500's liner is an olive tone like their Hot Weather 590's. Also these have the overall shape and design like the standard USMC issue, uniformity is a plus to me, makes us look better as a branch.

This one main Con is shared by all of the other options; the tongue is not gusseted/attached all the way up to the top, it stops slightly above the top of the third highest speedlace loop, meaning any higher than that point (7.5 inches high), water will enter the boot. So every temperate weather boot option is only water proof up to about 7.5-8 inches high. Ironically, the Hot Weather/Jungle boot options from Bates, McRae, and Belleville all have the tongue gusseted all the way up to the top, yet they don't even require to be water proof, and have drainage vents.
This Con is also shared by the other options; you cannot fully tighten the laces with a single pull up, you have to work your way up, the reason is that the liner has much more of a friction causing texture on Temperate Weather boots than on Hot Weather boots.

I compared and scrutinized each option thoroughly and ended up choosing these. Belleville, I thank you for providing me with a quality product, please consider my review and make these improvements for our force.
I've been using these boots for 16 years & I get 2 to 3 years out of each pair.They are the most comfortable boot to wear !
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