Made in USA Gore-Tex 3mThinsulate Berry Compliant 


Utilizing advancements in premium comfort technology allowed us to make the Belleville 770 cold weather insulated duty boot that is not only cushioned, but also protective. This tough duty boot combines 200g THINSULATE™ insulation with a GORE-TEX waterproof bootie which not only allows your feet to stay warm, dry and comfortable but is also petroleum, oil and lubricant (POL) resistant for added protection.

770 / Insulated Waterproof Duty Boot

$229.99 Belleville Public Cart
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Height8” (Standard Military Height)
UpperCattlehide Leather/Nylon
LiningGORE-TEX Waterproof lining
Insulation200g THINSULATE™
Toe ProtectionSoft Toe
ManufacturingMade in USA - Berry Compliant
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Customer Boot Reviews
I was given a pair of these about 8 years back and I've beaten the ever loving heck out of them. I decided it's time to retire my current pair for a new set. Legitimately cannot recommend these boots more, they'll keep your toes warm and dry in cold and wet conditions.
Thomas Barriere      
I had a pair of 770s issued to me back in 2007 when I was on active duty. I retired in 2016. I wore them regularly for 12 years both in and out of uniform. I did everything in them.hiking, working, yard workyou name it. Yeah, I got some nicks in the leather, a gouge or two, but nothing that a little elbow grease and some time couldn%u2019t fix. Just slap a coat of wax on them and clean the canvas and the boot was as good as new. I have had some issue boots. Not least 2 years before the sole split. But I have to say, these are the best boots I have ever been issued and worn. The only reason I am replacing those boots was I had a blowout on the side where the leather meets the sole. This happened about a year ago. Had that not happened, I would still be wearing them. The soles of those boots were in awesome condition! I would HIGHLY recommend these boots to anyone. The quality of the boot is amazing. They are light, have some insulation on them, canvas side for some breathability, the durability of the material, all of that make these boots truly a treasure to me. It%u2019s difficult to find good quality boots in a style I like at a price point I am willing to accept. Belleville 770s fit all those squares. And the best part? They are the size they say they are.
Terry L felda      
actually, picked my pair up at a thrift shop, Never even worn! Only pair of boots, and I've tried them all to last me more than a year or so on the ranch. Only drawback is they're insulated, so a tad warm on 100* days. Now i need a pair of hot weather ones!
Nelson Gennings      
like my new pair of boots that were a 10 year army anniversary gift. They are the best for long stretches of being on my feet. Waterproof also works well.
I expect nothing less from the company. the best thing about them is the customer service. when I first ordered the boots, i had ordered the wrong side and needed the wide. they were really good about the exchange and it. it had came on time. so i want to say thank you! the boots are amazing and i recommend it. it reminds me of my military boots when i was in the military.
Got mine when I got to my flying squadron. They're at least ten years old now. There's no tread left and the soles both have cracks clear through the gore-tex layer. Most comfortable boots I ever had in the military, felt like tennis shoes. Too bad I have to pay out of pocket for them now. That's the only bad about this whole thing.
Ben Stillwell      
Exceptional cooler condition boot. The made in USA is the first thing I looked at followed by a manufacturer with over 100 years of making the boots that we military members have worn in all parts of the world. This isn't an ad for Belleville, just a very satisfied customer for over 8 years.
Brent A      
my pair is about 8 years old and still going strong. they have been in lumber yards, steel mills, refineries, factories, on the farm, ect ect. only reason im looking for a new pair is some places are cracking down on the steel toe requirement. new pair will be belleville's without a doubt.
J. Fish       
I put mine through 7 years of shoelace bust'n abuse in the Maine wilderness. My feet stay warm and dry all day. It doesn't matter if it's a foot of water, mud or feet are protected!
Bill B      
Exceptional boots for back woods work with USDA. Only pair I have owned that keep my feet warm and dry.
SFC E-7 England      
These are the best boots for ware and rugged us and the equipment and in the field light and solid 1pair has lasted for years of abuse and many Terran types .I highly recommend these boots for all services as well as on the farm winter and summer
There is a total of 11 reviews.