KHYBER Hot Weather Lightweight Mountain Hybrid Boot

Khyber Series (Mill) from Tactical Research by Belleville

Narrated by:Rick Elliott,
Regional Sales Director -Southeast


This hot weather mountain hybrid boot was specifically designed for all-terrain use.  From rugged mountainous terrain to hard pounding concrete roads, the Khyber will outperform when tested in any environment.  With great design features to add to comfort and durability, such as its lace-to-toe lacing system for a customized fit, the TR360 is a top choice for everyday use. 
  • 100% cattlehide leather & nylon fabric 
  • Soft, shock-absorbent midsole and exclusive VIBRAM® IBEX low profile outsole designed for improved mobility and maximized traction in rugged terrain
  • TR-1 premium load bearing orthotic insole
  • Deeply serrated toe and heel bumper to aid in vertical climbing and crawling
  • Sharp angled lugs and defined heel maximize traction
  • Breathe Right™ combat lunar moisture-wicking lining
  • 8” height
  • Meets AR670-1 requirements for optional wear


         Tactical Research TR360 Khyber Mountain Hybrid Boot


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Reviewer: Dionisius Sasmoyo Hermawan
07/24/2015 04:14am
I am an education training specialist in Indonesia. 8 months ago, 3 of my left toes had to be removed due to a motorcycle accident. As a result, I lost a lot of balance when doing my jobs in rough terrain small islands remote villages. I would like to personally thank your boots to help me add my balance. It has been 7 great months with the boots with only two minor feedback; The coating on the lace holes easily wear out and the laces easily loose.

Thank you and I hope I can access the boots easier here in Indonesia.
Reviewer: Steve
03/18/2014 12:20am
I am on my 2nd pair. These are the best boots out there. They fit better than running shoes and don't require much break-in time. Per the fitment guide, order at least 1/2 size smaller than your running shoes. I wear 10.5 running shoes and the 9.5s fit me perfectly. My first pair were 10s which also work fine with thicker socks.
Reviewer: GearHead
03/10/2014 08:47pm
I have several pairs of boots. These are BY FAR the best. The fit is perfect. The lacing is close to the front which allows for better fitment. The tread and sole are molded well with very little heel so they feel like running shoes. The uppers are heavily padded so they are very comfortable. I suggest buying 1/2 to 1 size smaller than normal, waterproofing them and adding some strong mil spec paracord laces. These are awesome boots.
Reviewer: Steve
03/10/2014 08:40pm
I have had these boots for almost a year now. They are BY FAR the best boots I have ever owned. They are incredibly comfortable. The fit is perfect. Probably the best aspect of the boot is that the sole and tread are matched with almost no heel. So they feel very close to running shoes. The uppers are also very comfortable with a bunch of padding. The lacing goes close to the front which allows you to adjust the fit easily. I suggest a couple of things. First, order 1/2 to 1 size SMALLER than your running shoe size. Second, put some water proofing on them. Third, consider making some stronger laces with mil spec paracord which helps keep them tight. If I had to choose between wearing these and ANY other shoe or boot, I pick these.
Reviewer: Mark
03/14/2013 04:21am
Check out my full review of the Belleville TR360 KHYBER boots on Spiderhole Military Gear Reviews at:
Reviewer: Joel Dodds
01/10/2013 03:12pm
I purchased a pair of these while at a mobilization site prior to a deployment from the Blackhawk store. After only wearing issued boots for over 8 years, I immediately loved these. The only problem I had was the stitching on the heel started to separate while I was downrange, but once I returned to the states, I asked about the warranty on them at the store I had bought them from and was handed a new pair no questions asked. The newer pair seems to have been revised to prevent the problem I encountered. The only other issue was the sizing. Normally Im a 10.5 regular, but the 9.5 wides were the ones that fit me best in this particular boot so I imagine it might be tough to get the correct size if ordering online. I did happen to like them enough that I bought a pair of black ones to wear with civilian clothes and have been wearing them daily ever since.
Reviewer: Christopher Reddick
11/05/2012 07:58pm
I am currently wearing these in Afghanistan. I have been in the Army for 18 plus years and these are the most comfortable and best all around boot I have ever owned. Several of my Soldiers also bought these same boots after my recommendation and love them.
07/18/2012 02:35am
Just purchased these and will be going down range with them. So far the first hike on a trail was good to go, and second was on a treadmil. I will update as the training will be with load bearing equipment.
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