KHYBER Lightweight Waterproof Side-Zip Tactical Boot

Khyber Series (black) from Belleville Boot

Narrated by:Rick Elliott,
Regional Sales Director -Southeast


This tactical lightweight boot was designed to deliver lightweight comfort, ease and ultimate protection to those who wear it.  Through our combination of a curved side zipper, waterproof & blood borne pathogen proof membrane and shock-absorbent sole system, the TR960Z WP will keep your feet comfortable and dry all day long. 
  • 100% cattlehide leather & nylon fabric upper
  • Soft, shock-absorbent midsole and exclusive VIBRAM® IBEX low profile outsole designed for improved mobility and maximized traction in rugged terrain
  • TR-1 premium load bearing orthotic insole
  • Side zipper entry with molded security overlay
  • Waterproof & blood borne pathogen proof membrane
  • Low profile sole reduces weight & improves mobility
  • Sharp angled lugs and defined heel maximize traction
  • Highly breathable Air Mesh moisture-wicking lining
  • 8” height 




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Reviewer: Dr. Marino
07/09/2014 10:33pm
Work as an orthopedic surgery resident. On my feet 16 hours a day at least 6 days a week minimum.
-TR-1 insole is simply amazing. Ill never buy another boot/shoe without one or with one inserted into something like a sneaker. But these boots tall frame is ideal for ankle and calf support.
-Side zip ideal for rolling out of the in call bed to run to the ER, i can imagine that this would also be a great feature for the ever ready soldier.
-Water and Patho resistent is ideal for my line of work.
-I have never once slipped on a wet/bloody hospital tiled floor while wearing these boots.
-Can look professional enough to even wear in the clinic in order to see patients.
-Mainly the TR-1 insole is in a class of its own for comfort and longevity. (Same boots for over three years and still in great shape).
-I recommend these boots to all the new residents and medical students that come my way. This is high praise considering i helpmto take care of peoples orthopedic issues daily. These boots have solved my own struggles with foot/ankle/calf/and leg pain i suffered with for years.
Reviewer: Adam Stracenrider
05/16/2014 04:48am
AMAZING boots right of the box.Been wearing Bates and Danners for years and these boots put them to shame.Most comfortable boots I've owned, great support and they only got better with time.Size runs true,no complaints there.I don't see any break in time with these, they are so comfortable I don't want to take them off when my shift ends.The in soles that they came with are the best I've seen yet.The soles of these boots look like they are hungry for some earth!The quality of the leather is superior and looks like they will shine up nice when the time for it comes.I did a lot of research on various boots before I found these and I'm very happy that I did.Your feet with thank you every time you slip these wonderful boots on.Just buy them, it will be the best purchase you've made all year!
Reviewer: Robert
03/05/2014 01:55am
I am a firefighter so I am on my feet a lot and also need be able to get out of my boots quickly when the time comes. My station took a chance on these boots as a group effort and we all love them. Right out of the box I laced them up one time and have not touched them since, for the people who wear zipper boots this is a great feature since my other brand boots would need to be adjusted for the first two weeks as the boots broke in. These boots felt like a pair of tall running shoes with a lot of support and a very comfortable step. My boots were broken in after a good 24 hour shift with no sore or raw places on my feet or heels. The zipper took about three days of normal use to get "worn in" where I was not worried about breaking it getting out of them or zipping them up quick early in the middle of night. The vibram sole is great for working in any terrain (wet floors, peoples houses, concrete, dirt, mud, river banks, and any where in between) for some great traction and grip but it is still soft enough that it does not hurt your feet and back on hard concrete for long periods of time. The heel support is very stiff and virtually unnoticed until you step off a truck the wrong way and you feel it keep you ankle from rolling, also the traction on the back of the boot is great for kicking them off. The waterproofing is 100% and the material of the liner wicks moisture away from your feet. The moisture wicking makes all the difference when you work a 24 hour shift in hot conditions. so far the boots have been great. The leather of the boot will hold a very good shine if you were wondering. In all honesty I really like the boots and they have really impressed me after wearing them for only one day.
Reviewer: Kristina
02/28/2014 07:54pm
Absolutely love this boot! I work at DOC and there are days that I am on my feet for 18 hours. These boots are awesome. Easy to get on and very comfortable. Great when they are in wet conditions and mud. I haven't slipped in them yet. I had no problem breaking them in. I just wore a good thick pair of socks and didn't get any blisters or uncomfortable spots. Going on a year with them and they still are in excellent condition. I have recommended these to everyone I work with.
Reviewer: Joel
10/18/2013 12:05pm
Excellent boot! I have just switched to this from the 5.11 ATAC. I can already tell these are superior quality to the 5.11s. As soon as I put it on it feels like its made for my foot. it holds it very well and my foot doesn't slide around inside the boot like it did in the 5.11s. The sole has tons of cushion and is very comfortable as well. Size is true to fit and plan on just about a week of break in time. I like these so much I will probably get a second pair to wear for SRT.
Reviewer: Leon Skinner
09/30/2013 05:41pm
Great boot right out of the box. Broke them in for only 24 hrs before backpacking 7km with full pack in the Canadian Rockies. No hot spots, no blisters, and nothing but comfort. If these boots hold up for at least a year they easily qualify as the best boots I have ever owned.
Reviewer: JT
07/13/2013 05:57am
I work in the desert climbing mountains surrounded by cactus and rocky terrain and these boots last. They get beat up, but for the work I do, there is no way to avoid it. These are comfortable and lightweight. They also add extra support for my ankle and are water proof. If you don't run in the desert chasing people on uneven terrain and skip around cactus and every other plant that is out there to hurt you along with rocky, uneven terrain, then you are without a doubt good to go. If you do, these will last while they get beat up.
Reviewer: Mike
11/19/2012 03:14am
Most comfortable boots I've owned. I'm on my feet all day and these boots provide great support and comfort throughout the day!
Reviewer: Stan
10/18/2012 08:03pm
Lets me start by saying I work in corrections so i am on my feet walking / standing for long periods during my shift. I was looking at these boots and Danner stryker 2's. I previously had Bates duty boots which were the worst boots I have ever worn. I picked these boots because of price and other reviews I read regarding these boots. I have had Danner's in the past and I know the quality and comfort they bring to the table but the price is a little steep so I went ahead and took a chance on these. First off when I took them out of the box they are a good looking boot. I love the vibram sole(I wear merril shoes and they use the vibram sole). Starting with putting them on I could tell they were going to be very comfortable and they are true to the size. As soon as I tried to zip them up I became concerned. The right boot was difficult to zip to the top and I though I was going to rip the zipper off. I was thinking how long was this zipper going to last. But after a couple weeks the zipper seems to be working better. I read reviews were they took a couple days to break in. I am here to tell you they take a lot longer to that. The first 4 weeks were agonizing / they had multiple hot spots especially at my ankles, they rubbed on my ankes horribly, and thought I made a really bad purchase. After the break in period they have become a different boot all together, they are comfortable and I can walk / stand for long periods of time and my feet feel good. The laceing system is made well and the eyelets are durable. Over all I would recommend these boots but beware of the break in process but after that I believe they are a comfortable boot. The one thing I didnt like was the fact is that they said they are made in the US and are actually made in China! I wanted American made that was another reason I chose this company. Over all I would recommend these boots.
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